Mestra E-2 Washout And Curing Unit

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The E2 washout and Curing Unit is equipped with a processor to control the temperature according to two set programs.

1º Program 1 (Washout program)

a) The operator or user can set a temperature (e.g. 80 °C) so that the E2 washer/polymerizer is ready to shower at all times.

b) Shower time required.

2 º Program 2 (polymerization program)

a) Delayed start time in hours and minutes from 0.00 to 99.59. This means the program can be set to run at a particular time. This delay cuts in each time the program is started.

b) Duration of each controlled temperature increase gradient in hours and minutes from 0.00 to 99.59.

c) Required holding time at each temperature plateau in hours and minutes from 0.00 to 99,59.

d) Shower time required. Polymerization: 12 flasks with R – 030380 clamps, 95 °C. Scalding: 6 flasks (open type) (±8 minutes) 85 °C. Casing: Stainless steel.


Height (without handle): 450 mm

Width: 635 mm Length (with drop): 405 mm

Weight: 34 kg Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Rated power: 2200+400 W


Height: 350 mm

Widht: 320 mm

Lengh: 400 mm