Softone™ Resilient Denture Acrylic Treatment, Functional Impression Material: Kit

Softone™ Resilient Denture Acrylic Treatment, Functional Impression Material: Kit

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Softone™ is a reliable tissue conditioner and functional impression material that restores, conditions, massages, and rehabilitates damaged tissue before a new denture rebase or final reline. The unique flow and natural flex stimulate the natural healing process and restore tissue to a sound physiological state. It allows the denture to stay in the mouth throughout the treatment period.

If the patient has a swollen or sore ridge, Softone™ will massage and rehabilitate back to the patients comfort level. Softone™ is a functional impression material formulated to last up to 4 days in the mouth. Available in Pink or White Powder.

Standard Kit contains:
– 1 3 oz. (85g) Powder
– 1 4 oz. (119ml) Liquid

Bulk Kit contains:
– 1 1 lb. (454g) Powder
– 1 8 oz. (236ml) Liquid

A case holds 28 standard kits.

Upper and lower arches can be treated in the same appointment if the dentist treats each denture separately.

Trimming will be easier if using a heated knife to seal material and reduce peeling.

If the denture is still uncomfortable or unstable after two treatments, check for proper centric and vertical bite. If a bite is too open there will be continuous tissue pressure, preventing it from responding to treatment.

Prior to using Softone™, spray TAC™ or apply liquid to denture to help facilitate the removal of Softone™.

For patients requiring a temporary soft reline or prolonged adjustment period before the permanent hard reline, use TruSoft™.

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