Tizian Cut Eco plus Milling Machine ## Call For Quote ##

Tizian Cut Eco plus Milling Machine ## Call For Quote ##

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The Tizian Cut eco plus is part of the future proof “Complete Digital Workflow” from Schütz Dental.

This milling unit is very compact, fits into any lab, and generates a very high productivity of up to 75 units per day.

Due to its low maintenance construction and high quality components (e.g Jäger-spindles), the Tizian Cut eco plus is a highly reliable system. Compact, inexpensive, precise. The small machine with a great output.

The main benefits for you:

  • License-free - the Tizian Cut eco plus guarantees your profit from the start.
  • Mill restorations of up to 16 units.
  • Choose from over 200 milling strategies tailored to your work, and obtain top quality results.
  • The automatic six-fold tool changer equips you for the future.
  • The automated blank height optimization saves you money by helping you to fully utilize the blanks.

Possible materials for milling:

  • Wax
  • PMMA for temporary restorations and splints
  • Composites and Zirconia Reinforced Composites
  • PEEK
  • Zirconium dioxide

Technical data:

  • 4 axes
  • approx. 400 x 385 x 410 mm
  • weight approx. 50 kg
  • rotation axis with harmonic drive system
  • high-frequency spindle 170 W, 60,000 rpm
  • integrated precision measuring unit for mills
  • six-fold tool changer
  • comprehensive and license-free CAM software

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