Besqual Marathon N1

Besqual Marathon N1

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  • Strong Torque and continuous variable speed control.
  • Dual handpiece connector which operates one handpiece at a time.
  • Forward and reverse switch.
  • Overload protection function
  • Feed back circuitry produces more power
  • Reduced noise, vibration or heat after long hours of operation

Maximum Speed: 45,000rpm
Torque: 4.5Ncm
Dual Voltage: 110~120V / 220~240V (50/60Hz)
Weight: 11 lbs  Complete Set

Complete Set Includes:
1 - N1 Control Box
1 - SH37SN (45,000rpm Handpiece)
1 - Variable Foot Pedal FS60
1 - Desktop Handpiece Cradle
1 - User's Manual
1 - Pair Replacement Carbon Brushes for SH37SN

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