Paragon Burnout Furnace SC-2

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The SC2 has been in production since 1997. It is a proven design that we have steadily refined every year. Thousands of Dental Labs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan love their SC-2. The SC 2 is popular in art centers, colleges, craft classes, and even engineering laboratories.

The newest SC-2 has two separate heating elements in the left and right sides of the firing chamber. The back of the chamber has no element. Extensive testing shows that the heat distribution in the current SC-2 is more even throughout the firing chamber, because heat does not build up in the back of the kiln.Max Temperature: 2000 F.

Chamber Dimensions : 8" w x 7.75" d x 5.75 h

Comes with a Ceramic Floor Wax Tray & a PL2 Vent Plug

Amps: 14amp. - watts 1680  - Volts 120 - Hertz 60 -

Plug: 5-15R Nema


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