Garreco EXCALIBUR™ Type IV High Strength Die Stone (Call For Quantity Discount)

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With its smooth mixing characteristics and ample setting time, Excalibur produces a “textbook” model every time. Die trimming becomes a worry-free procedure due to the ultra-fine gypsum base, which prevents nicks and abrasions caused by brittleness. Recommended for use as crown and bridge or partial denture models. Suitable for use with all impression materials. Gypsum hardeners are not recommended.

• Exceptionally dense for maximum strength
• High surface abrasion resistance
• Low expansion (0.09%) means greater accuracy
• Works well with all impression material
• Captures every detail

Indication for use: crown and bridge; porcelain; implants; cast partials; high-precision cases

Sizes: 25lb, 47.5lb

*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.

SETTING TIME: 12-15 min


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