Garreco Gingiva 3D Photopolymer 3D Resin

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Gingiva 3D is a pink-colored photopolymer resin. It is a soft and flexible material that can be used in combination with Model 3D Pro Beige or Grey material. Gingiva 3D opens the possibility to create the soft part for highly precise models, bridges, and implant superstructures. Gingiva 3D is easy to use on open MSLA / LCD, DLP and SLA 3D printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. With its soft and flexible properties, Gingiva 3D is perfect for the production of gum parts and soft tissue which supports dental implant models and C&B projects.

• Gum look
• Soft touch
• Good flexibility

3D-Printer Compatibility: Asiga Series, Photon Series, Phrozen Series, Open 385 – 420nm LCD / MSLA, DLP and SLA 3D-printers. See our complete list of compatible 3D Printers to learn more.

UV-Curing Unit Compatibility: Ackuretta Curie, Formlabs Form Wash & Cure, Anycubic Wash & Cure 2.0, Asiga Flash Cure, Phrozen Cure Luna, and more. See our complete list of compatible Cure Boxes.

Sizes: 1kg (1000g) Bottle

Color: Soft Pink

Item Number: 6885002S

Polymer Properties

Mechanical Properties 30 minutes high power LED curing at 40°C
Description ASTM Method Metric Imperial
Tensile strength D638 2.2 MPa 0.31 ksi
Tensile modulus D638 11.9 GPa 1.73 ksi
Elongation at break D638 80 – 120% 80 – 120%
Shore A Hardness D2240 64 64
Water sorption D570-98 14.8% 14.8%


Liquid Properties

Description Value
Appearance Opaque pink liquid
Viscosity 950 cps at 25°C
Density 1.18 g/cm3
Ec 14.22 mJ/cm2
Dp metric 0.22 mm
Dp imperial 8.64 mils

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