Garreco VERI-DIE™ 20 Type V High Expansion

Garreco VERI-DIE™ 20 Type V High Expansion

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Produced to handle the many different laboratory techniques that are being used in today’s dental labs. With its range in application and versatility, Veri-Die is perfect for almost every requirement. Its physical properties allow Veri-Die to conform to the requirements for each use. Due to its range in particle size, Veri-Die virtually eliminates normal chipping and abrasion. Veri-Die has become the worry free material of choice by providing the technician ample working time and a moderate expansion rate.

• High compressive strength
• Ample working time
• Moderate expansion (0.20%)

Indication for use: crown and bridge; porcelain; implants; cast partials; high-precision cases

Sizes:  25lb, 47.5lb

*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.

SETTING TIME: 10-13 min

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