Harvest CeraFirm: Modeling Fluid for Ceramic

Harvest CeraFirm: Modeling Fluid for Ceramic

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When a product delivers elements of surprise and joy, a viral following
usually ensues. This is the story of CeraFirm, a product that exists to
transform quality cultures, putting the master’s touch in the common hand. 

The wet ceramic is totally submitted to the artist; so much so ceramic
figurines are now possible.  Increase firmness drop by drop with
CeraFirm Add syringe.

Ceramic stays where it’s put.
Transformational layering accuracy.
There are no limits.

201-0000    CeraFirm Fluid-Universal Ceramic Mixing Liquid, 250ml
201-1000    CeraFirm Add Universal Ceramic Mixing Liquid (2x3.5ml Syringe)
201-2000    CeraFirm Kit (1x3.5ml Syringe & 250ml Fluid)

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