KDF 007PL Burnout Oven

KDF 007PL Burnout Oven

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  • Takes Only 11 Minutes to 700℃ (1292℉) and 14 Minutes to 800℃ (1472℉)
  • Maximum Temperature 1100℃ (2012℉)
  • Large Capacity of Muffle Chamber with Sufficient Heat Rise
  • Optional Catalyst Cleaner

 3 Firing Stages

007PL allows you to obtain 3 stages of firing temperature with optimum heat rising speed and precise temperature maintenance for each specific temperature stage. Operator can program multi stage for various investments.

Simple Operation

007PL can store multi-firing program up to 10 courses for every investment need. 007PL features a quick firing button that allows you to change the normal firing program to the quick version for quick heat investment.

Muffle Dimension: 
4.7 (w) x 4.3 (h) x 8.7 (d) inches

Max Temperature:                         
1,100°C (2,012°F)

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