Launca DL-300 Intraoral Scanner Cart Version

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The upgraded DL-300 adopts the latest technology and delivers fast and accurate scanning results in seconds with smart algorithms, ensuring that you can trust every data and reduce chairside time. Designed for ease of use and operator comfort, DL-300 weighs only 180g allowing for an ergonomic grip and intuitive controls. Reduce strain fatigue during scanning for enhanced user experience. The DL-300's advanced algorithms generate 3D scans with rich details and natural color for more accurate digital impressions. The new DL-300 allows for seamless communication between dentists, patients, and dental labs for improved treatment outcomes. Share, visualize, and collaborate with ease. The DL-300's user-friendly touchscreen empowers you to present digital scans with clarity and precision, allowing patients to visualize their dental conditions and enhancing their understanding and trust.

Launca Cloud is an easy-to-use platform for dentists and labs to share data and communicate online. With features like order tracking, online 3D model preview live chat, and unlimited cloud storage. Launca Cloud allows you to collaborate and stay connected at anytime, anywhere.

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