Mestra Altamira Steam Box

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Nobody questions the need and importance of steam jet cleaning in the Dental Lab. Nobody questions its consequences either: dirt in sinks, air moisture, condensation in walls and floors… And all this leaving aside the high price these kind of devices used to have up to now. At MESTRA® we have worked hard to make these troubles simply disappear by using the Altamira Steam Cleaning Box, the indispensable complement for any steam cleaning device.

Its is manufactures on a strong polypropylene framework, and has a wide window to access the chamber. All the walls are smooth to make cleaning easier.

The device features a deflecting frame carefully studied for the steam to remain inside the chamber, with no leaks.

Lighting is another of the most carefully studied aspects: two powerful low-energy bulbs give a perfect lighting to the piece.

The primary filter is located inside the main chamber, so it is easily accesible. No tools are required to clean or replace the filter.

The second filter is located at the rear of the device, and it rerequires even less maintenance than the former.

Attractive and at a low price. Of course, with the usual quality level andafter-sales service of all MESTRA® products.


Height: 570 mm

Width: 520 mm

Depth: 490 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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