Mestra AUTOPOL GEISSER: Automatic Polymerizing Pressure Pot

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Polymerizing pot with high capacity tank (up to 6 litres), which allows to accommodate a considerable number of elements to polymerize. Electronic control, temperatures can be regulated and maintained according to the times defined by the user. 

To minimize the risks that pressure implies, they have opted for a tank WITHOUT WELDING, with a simple hole in the center of the bottom, because that is where the lowest forces are exerted.

This configuration significantly reduces the risks of breakage of the tank from the effect of pressure. Nevertheless —just in case—, three further safety valves take charge of acting in the case of problems.

The electrical circuit follows the same philosophy. The heating elements have their operating temperature limited to 230°C by means of two heat sensors and a piece of software designed with safety criteria. By this strategy, the risk of accidents has been reduced to a minimum. 

Automatic low-pressure polymerisers have traditionally been manufactured with criteria to adapt to the  requirements of one specific material present on the market. Their temperatures are pre-established, making it very difficult to adapt the parameters of these machines to a new material.

Nobody can predict the future, and so no-one knows what new materials will appear on the market within a short
period of time, nor, most importantly, what polymerisation requirements they will demand.

Is it logical to have to change polymerisation machine when you decide to change to a new material? For this
reason, at MESTRA, we have decided to construct a universal concept of machine. Its time and temperature
parameters are easily programmable by the user, to adapt to any of the materials present on the market and also to those which may arrive.

The Autopol Polymerisation Pot, —as is the case with all MESTRA products— has been designed with the objective of offering a practical and functional item, which is also harmonious. The quality of the materials
used, the level of the finishes, the feel of the controls, the simplicity of use, the easy-to-close lid, and the ergonomics, are clear indicators of the demanding level to which MESTRA submits all its products.
All this attention to detail is readily observed in the Autopol polymeriser, whilst being at the same time difficult to define. As with the rest of our products, it comes with build features characteristic of the brand, which make it a very high quality and extremely reliable item. If you are already a MESTRA customer, you will already be certain of this. 

Nowadays, it is not enough for a machine to be functional and fulfil the task for which it was made. Designing an attractive product with charm, and which does not go unnoticed in the dental laboratory, is the finishing touch needed so that the product can be classed as “excellent”, something that the MESTRA team has striven for
throughout the execution of the Autopol project.

How can a manufacturer quantify the value which beauty brings to its product? There is no way of knowing. Perhaps Oscar Wilde’s response when he said: “And beauty is a form of genius —is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation.” At MESTRA, we too believe that the beautiful lines of the Autopol polymeriser are in need of no explanation.

Ref. 030425 Ref. 030430
Operational pressure:
Maximum temperature:
Tank capacity:
Heating power:
350 mm
360 mm
400 mm
5 kg
2 bar
100 ºC
6 L
600 W
400 mm
360 mm
400 mm
5 kg
2 bar
100 ºC
8 L
600 W

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