Mestra Hydraulic Press

Mestra Hydraulic Press

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The MESTRA hydraulic laboratory press is sturdy and pleasing to the eye. It is simple and easy to handle, and the latest trends in new materials have been applied to its construction. Its oil-hydraulic system is designed so that the oil cannot escape from the chamber.

All parts subject to wear are made of ground hardened and tempered steel and finished with epoxy paint.

The MESTRA press includes bottom plate recovery springs which enable it to be always in a usable position.

The top plate diameter and the width between columns enable flask(s) to be inserted and removed with the MESTRA R-030380, press flange, without having to raise or lower the spindle, thus saving time and trouble.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Height (screw down): 510 mm. Width: 225 mm. Depth (without lever): 230 mm.

Table diameter: 125 mm. USEFUL SPACE Height: 235 mm. Width: 140 mm. Weight: 20 kg.

Maximum piston travel: 25 mm.

Maximum power admitted: 15200 Kg = 400 Kg/cm2.

Maximum power recommended: 9500 Kg = 250 Kg/cm2.

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