Mestra Orion Grinding Box

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  • High luminosity LED lamp.
  • Absence of shadows inside.
  • Ergonomic work position.
  • Optimal absorption of powder by means of external suction (not included).
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Includes a wedge in the interior with support for micromotors.

Reworking, polishing, micro-blasting… These are just some examples of the daily tasks which produce a significant amount of dust and debris in a dental environment. If you want to perform these tasks professionally and efficiently, it is vital to use a suitable tool.

The Orión dust extraction box has been designed to meet this need. With over 75 years’ experience in manufacturing specialist equipment for dental professionals, this is the best example of MESTRA’s work. Utility, beauty, economy, simplicity, design, elegance and efficiency are the qualities which define Orión. We will demonstrate them in more detail in the following points.


Seldom has a product aimed at dental professionals been built with such suitable dimensions as the Orión dust extraction box. Its size is small enough to fit any spot, yet wide enough to be able to work without restrictions. Practicality in less space is the best definition that we can give you.


The working position has been studied carefully to achieve a comfortable and functional product. The generous viewing window, the multipoint LED lighting which eliminates shadows while offering a colour tone similar to sunlight, the useful hand rest for polishing tasks, the micromotor support… The Orión dust extraction box adapts seamlessly to the needs of dental professionals.


Height: 11.8" x Width: 14.2" x Depth 13" ;   Weight : 5.7lb.      Light: 7W

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