NEW! UP3D UP400 Dual 1.3 MP Scanner

NEW! UP3D UP400 Dual 1.3 MP Scanner

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The UP400 dual 1.3 MP scanner is capable of reaching the tightest interproximal spaces, scan bodies for digital implants, and impression pits. The UP400 is freedom, quality, and peace of mind - on a budget!

  • Dual 1.3 MP cameras
  • 8micron accuracy
  • 12 Sec. Full Arch Scanning
  • 70 Sec. Triple Tray Scan
  • 16 Sec. All-In-One Scanning
  • 24 Sec. 12-Units Die
  • True Color Texture Scanning
  • Unsectioned Model Scanning.

All scanners come with all impression fixtures for crown and bridge, implant, impression, and removables scanning.

All scanners come with 1 year manufacturer's warranty and everlasting original owner support.

No re-occuring yearly license fees. You buy it, you own it!

All scanners are open platform. Mix and match with any design software of your choosing.

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