Shenpaz Horizon Press Porcelain Furnace

Shenpaz Horizon Press Porcelain Furnace

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 Horizon Press

All horizon models are designed with a unique temperature control muffle that is highly accurate and guarantees quality firing every time.

Shenpaz non-aggressive pressing technology is designed to obtain higher density and soften one-blow impact—especially successful when pressing zirconia and metal.

Quality Restorations

  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY & CONTROL with firing temp. to 1180ºC (2156ºF) and accuracy of ± 1ºC
  • FULLY ADAPTABLE PROGRAMMING handles all ceramics and pressable materials on the market today
  • NON-AGGRESSIVE PNEUMATIC PRESSING SYSTEM prevents cracking and achieves greater density

Time Saving

FULL CUSTOMIZATION of cooling rate and hold time; pre-programmed tempering process adjusts for cooling rates of zirconia, metal and porcelain materials.

Energy Efficient


  • Firing chamber lined with superior insulation
  • Chamber entrance tightly sealed to hold temp. ready for next cycle
  • Single phase electrical supply for low wattage consumption.

Additional Features

Intuitive full color digital display

200 firing and 50 pressing programs

USB port for fast transfer of program data

Acoustic signals that alert to furnace status

Special e-base cylinder base adapted to IPS e-max® products

Horizon standard firing furnace available with 200 programs


Dimensions: 30x28x63cm (12”x11”x25”) (WxHxD)

Weight: 20 KG (44 lb)

Display screen: 5.7”

Firing chamber: Ø 95mm x 65mm/h (Ø 3.7”x2.6”mm/h)

Firing table: Ø 90mm (Ø 3.5“)

Temperature range: from 100°C to 1180°C (212°F to 2156°F)

Heat rate: 10-120°C (50-248° F)/min 

Horizon Press
Pressing: 4.2 bars
Pressure: 4.2 Bar Weight: 25.5 KG (56 lb)

Material: Durable Kanthal* spiral material





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