Trident Aqua Spray

Trident Aqua Spray

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High Speed Air Handpiece with Fine Cool Mist Spray


  • Adjustable Fine Cool Mist Spray - Recommended for all-ceramic, Zirconium, CAD/CAM & ceramics  Safeguard protection from heat build-up during grinding
  • Combination High Speed Air Handpiece - Use with or without cool mist spray
  • Encapsulated Turbine-Cartridge - Sealed and dust free
  • Zirconium Bearings (pat. pending) - No metal ball bearings that heat up and wear out.  New high temperature Zirconium/ceramic bearings
  • Independent Long Life Chuck - Separate from sealed turbine-cartridge
  • Smooth Ultra-Quiet Vibration Free -  Designed for superior long life performance
  • Comfortable Lightweight - Handpiece weighs less than 3 oz.
  • "BIT" Burr Insertion Tool - Automatically positions and perfectly glides burr into chuck
  • Quick-Touch Bur Removal - Durable design with fast easy burr removal
  • Lubrication Free - No oil or gel type lubrication needed

    Speed: 300,000 rpm

    Recommended Air Pressure (max): 35 psi (2.5 bar)

    Handpiece Weight: 2.9 oz. (80 gm)

    Air Consumption: 34-35 L/min

    Bur Type: Straight FG

    Bur Diameter: 1.59-1.60 mm (1/16")

    Bur Length (max): 25 mm

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