TriLor Techno Polymer Framework (Bone Shade) 98 mm & 95 mm.

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Techno-Polymer Framework: Bone Shade

High performance polymer FDA approved for permanent, metal free, screw retained restorations on implants, as well as Removable Partial Dentures. Shock absorbing. Biological. Esthetic restorations on implants and Removable Partial Dentures.

 A high-performance techno-polymer matrix with multi-directional glass fiber reinforcement for permanent, esthetic restorations on implants. TriLor exhibits natural flex and load parameters, making it the ideal replacement for unforgiving metal and zirconia frameworks.

Create lightweight and resilient frames and substructures for zirconia, lithium disilicate, acrylics and composites. 

Characteristics of natural bone.
Metal-free restorative solution.
Lightweight, durable and resilient.

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