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Professional and powerful, fast and precise, this machine is the little sister of the EVOLUTION. Wet and dry, from Wax to Titanium, large chamber.


Total outer size 630 mm (W) x 680 mm (D) x 820 mm (H) Total machine weight 150 kg Axis Travel length X 160mm, Y 100mm, Z 80mm Rotation A +30°-115° B = +-360° Chamber size 400x500x600mm ATC (Automatic Tool Changer with tool length sensor and tool failure detection) 14 positions Shank diameter 3 mm Presetting of automatic tool Tool size tolerance ± 0,001 mm (1 μ) Tool length 35 – 55 mm Spindle: 0 to 60.000 rpm (high frequency electro-spindle) Asynchronous motor Power S1/100%:0.46KW S6/60%:0,63KW Pmax/5 sec 0,97KW Tool housing clamp diameter 3 mm Automatic Spindle pressurization 1.7 bar Tool locking adjustment Rotation angles with high precision Spiral Bevel gearbox Axis range A = +30°-115° B = 360° (Continuous) Linear axis on rail with recirculating ball guides with millesimal fineness relocation, pre-loaded millesimal accuracy balls Blanks Ø 98 mm including border PC Windows 10 Desktop x5-Z8350 Intel Atom 2GB/32GB 1000M/LAN 2.4/5.8G WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 with HDMI & VGA Support Dual Screen Display Keyboard/ WiFi touch mouse CNC sbm 6 axis USB Interface Ethernet Interface Chippings collector tray Automatic air jet.


Automatic Tool changing for 20 tools Spindle for 6 mm shaft KW2.5 60000 RPM Touch Screen 15.6″w LCD control panel Integrated Touch screen casing PC Windows 10 Desktop x5-Z8350 Intel Atom 8GB/64GB Automatic waterjet

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