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Tizian Cut 5 smart plus Fräsmaschine mit Blankwechsler inkl. CAM Software"

Mill up to 300 units at a time

With its 8 unit blank changer, the Tizian Cut 5 smart plus mills around the clock and supplies itself automatically with the appropriate blanks from the blank changer. Naturally, with this device you also have the benefits you know well from the Tizian Cut 5 smart.

Additional benefits:

  • Accuracy: As soon as the blank changer clamps a blank into the machine, this is automatically fitted to the correct position.
  • Time saving: While you’re at home, your unit works its way through your milling jobs.
  • Fast payback: Your productivity increases as you have the option of milling around the clock.
  • Economic yield of blanks: The position of every job already done in a blank is saved in the software. This allows you to optimize the yield of every blank. This saves you time, material and, therefore, money


  • License-free and with open STL-files, this system keeps you independent.
  • Highly future proof: Due to integration into the “Complete Digital Workflow”.
  • High quality system components guarantee a long service life for your Tizian Cut 5 smart.
  • Plug and Play: Thanks to its user-friendliness, the system is fun to work with.
  • Quality guarantee “Made in Germany”.
  • High degree of precision: Repetitive precision of +/- 3 µm.

 Possible materials for milling:

  • Wax
  • CoCr
  • PMMA for temporaries and splints
  • Composites and Zirconia Reinforced Composites
  • PEEK
  • Zirconium dioxide

Technical data:

  • approx. 490 x 445 x 540 mm (w/d/h)
  • weight ca. 75 kg
  • Automatic tool changer with 16 tool positions
  • Synchronous spindle, 4-fold hybrid bearing, 300 W permanent load, max. power output 600 W at 60,000 rpm
  • Integrated precision measuring system
  • Comprehensive and license-free CAM software


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